Roanoke Area Meetings

Meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic may not be held in many buildings due to building closures and social-distancing requirements.  There are several methods to make contact during this meeting disruption. click on "read more" for information.

In Al-Anon we have a Tradition of personal anonymity.  The assurance of anonymity is essential to our efforts to help families of alcoholics.  Each member has the right to decide the degree of anonymity that is right for them.  Nothing heard or seen at a meeting should be revealed.  What we say in our meetings will be held in confidence.  


Please visit  You will be prompted to enter your email address and special link will be sent to you to learn more about Al-Anon.   You may also join any local phone meetings or FTF meetings listed below.  We will ask that you please identify that this will be your first Al-Anon meeting.  Please do not hesitate.  You will be welcomed.


Please call up to 10 minutes before the start time so that meetings can begin with minimal disruption.  Also, be sure you know where your mute button is on your phone and be in an area that is quiet and private.  

  • Monday at 6:30 pm, Central AFG, phone-(415) 655-0003, access code is 2306 329 0804# 
  • Wednesday at 10:30 am, Wednesday Morning AFG, phone 605-562-0400, access code#656212#
  • Friday at 11:45 am, TGIF AFG, phone - (415) 655-0003, access code is 733 088 013#
  • Friday at 7:00 pm, Salem AFG, phone--(605) 475-5900, access code is 656212#
  • Saturday at 10:30 am, Saturday Morning AFG, phone -- (415) 655-0003, access code is 180 263 1910#
  • Saturday at 7:00 pm, Saturday Night Live AFG, -- (605) 562-0400, access code#656212


There are several video meetings held weekly.  They may be attended by video or phone.  VIDEO: You will need to download the ZOOM or WEBEX app downloaded to your smartphone or computer.  


Currently most buildings are permitting to reopen for face-to-face (FTF) meetings following the guidelines issued by the CDC, local and state governments, and the requirements of the building landlord. Please be aware that this could change week to week.  If an AA meeting is held in the same building/same time it will be denoted by *AA* at end.

Prepare for the wearing of face masks, hand washing/disinfecting, social distancing, and helping clean surfaces.  

  • Sunday 3:00 pm, Sunday Afternoon AFG, 3591 Windsor Rd, SW, Roanoke, VA  24018 (Windsor Hills UMC) *AA*
  • Monday 6:30 pm, Central Al-Anon, 214 Mountain Avenue, Roanoke, VA  24016 (Second Presbyterian Church) *AA*
  • Monday 6:30 pm, Alateen, 214 Mountain Avenue, Roanoke, VA  24016 (Second Presbyterian Church)  *AA and Al-Anon*
  • Monday 7:00 pm, Botetourt Al-Anon, Rt 220, 19 Cedar Ridge Drive, Daleville, VA (St. Marks UMC)
  • Tuesday 6:00 pm, Living the Legacies AFG, 4909 North Lake Drive Roanoke, VA (Church of St. Peter and St. Paul), enter in the doors to sanctuary, meeting room straight ahead.  *AA*
  • Wednesday 10:30 am, Wednesday Morning AFG, 3591 Windsor Rd, SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 (Windsor Hills UMC) 
  • Thursday 7:00pm, Keep It Simple AFG, REBOS Clubhouse, 4231 Garst Mill Road, Roanoke, VA  24018, enter front door of house.  No handicap access.
  • Thursday 7:00 pm, Moneta AFG, 13586 S. Old Moneta Rd, Moneta, VA (Bethlehem UMC) NOTE: the meeting is held outdoors weather permitting.  Bring a chair. 
  • Thursday 7:00 pm, North Roanoke AFG, 8115 Williamson Rd, NW, Roanoke, VA (St. Phillip Lutheran Church)  NOTE: Enter through front doors; meeting in sanctuary currently. *AA*
  • Thursday 7:00 pm, Top of the Hill, 125 W. Main Street, Room 212, Salem, VA (First United Methodist Church)  NOTE:  Doors lock at 7:00 pm, use buzzer *AA*
  • Friday 10:00 am, Serenity Seekers AFG, 5000 Carriage Dr. SW, Roanoke, VA  24018 (Valley Community Church)  
  • Friday 11:45 am, TGIF AFG, 1827 Grandin Road, Roanoke (Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church)
  • Friday 7:00 pm, Gratitude on Grandin AFG, 2011 Brandon Avenue, SW, Roanoke, VA  24015 (Christ Lutheran Church).  Meeting in fellowship hall ...enter side doors with ramp in large parking lot, *AA*
  • Saturday 7:00 pm, Saturday Night Live AFG, 5000 Carriage Dr, SW, Roanoke, VA  24018 (Valley Community Church)


Please visit the World Services Offices (WSO) website for helpful literature and pages about the Al-Anon Family Groups and support.

Additionally, WSO website has a list of electronic meetings and phone meetings that are available from around the country.  You can view them under the "MEETINGS" tab on that website.  Link here (copy and paste).  


Al-Anon Family Groups Mobile App

Download the Al-Anon Family Groups Mobile App to attend electronic Alateen meetings.  This link provides information on Alateen meetings on the app: